Kilmuir Connect

"The best prophet of the future is the past"

- Lord Byron

Kilmuir Connect was started in 2020 with a desire to promote a new culture into Supply Chains and help Digitally Transform any business

We want Boost remote collaboration, innovation, and productivity within any business and help meet their requirements on the the drive to Net Zero. Lets us bridge the gap for employees remote and office working.

Kilmuir Connect would like to learn more about your business and change your perception of Digital technologies like AI, SD-WAN, IOT and Video Technology to reinforce the new Hybrid working model.

More Connections, More Agile, More Transformational, More Business

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Our Services

Kilmuir Connect has the belief that we can change the perception of Information Technology and aid the Digital Transformation. We have special insights after spending 5 years on the Edge of Traditional Corporate Networks and believe we can exploit  IOT, SD-WAN, AI ,Voice and  Video Technologies help drive revenue growth and enhance your customers experience.

Collaboration, Meeting Room & Hybrid Work Technology


Our passion are the people, intelligent workspaces and the experience they get from using technologies to improve office-life, productivity and wellbeing.

We aim to help Business get the most out of their Office Space and build stronger awareness of the hybrid working practices where all the workspace have become easy to use bookable resources and leverage IoT to get the most out your Workspace and Meeting Room assets.

StarLeaf Cloud Platform


StarLeaf gives people the freedom to collaborate productively from anywhere – with colleagues, customers, advisors, partners, and everyone in your business ecosystem. With StarLeaf, businesses can create a culture where hybrid working thrives, by enabling secure, intuitive and consistent team-working in every location.

Simsage UK


SimSage Enterprise is an AI Search tool that enables your Teams to quickly find knowledge and data across any of your systems from a single search box accessed by secure cloud and edge devices.

Scalable, agile with access to a cloud portal and is proven technology which was developed and heavily used in New Zealand.



The cloud has transformed the way businesses deliver applications and services and fundamentally alters enterprise traffic flows.

Juniper 128 Session Smart SD-WAN is an advanced, service-centric networking solution that takes software-defined routing to a new level. Ideal for today’s digital businesses.

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